Thursday, July 23, 2009

Simple Dans Ma Vertue Forte Dans Mon Devoir

What year was this?????

Down Memory Lane

It has been couple of years since I left the Convent Primary but memories of the times I spent at the school remain vivid till today. Believe it or not, I remember my very 1st day at school, my 1st classroom and of course my very 1st teacher. In fact I remember most of the teachers who taugh me throughout the years.

The Convent has always been close at heart simply because 3 generations of my family studied here and still studying here. It began with my Auntie back in the 1950's and then me 1980's and now my daughter. This alma mater of ours has been soaring to greather heights with each passing year. We have seen it achieving success academically as well as in co-curricular activities and therefore securing themselves the tittle "Cluster School" by the Ministry Of Education.

The teachers in my days were really strict but I will still treasure those carefree days playing "Belon Acha" on the badminton court and "Four Corners" using the poles. I represented my school in reciting poetry, debate team and even lead the theater club.

My hope for the school is to always maintain its standards and to instill in each child the values embedded in the school motto which reads SIMPLE IN VIRTUE, STEADFAST IN DUTY or SIMPLE DANS VERTUE FORTE DANS MON DEVOIR".

My classmate 1990-1991 - Holy Infant Jesus Convent JB


Convent JB's new look. The buildings are painted in different colors now

(BFF = Best Friend Forever)

Minggu Perniagaan & Keushawanan. How come my time don't have this


my passion said...

salam perkenalan. hi mama voque..glamour nama tu..yalah mama memang school days is the best part of your life...masa sekolah dulu tak tahu..dah tua2 ni terasa nostalgic bila teringat..

Mama Vogue said...

Salam.... ya benar tuh. Saya tak pernah lupa pada semua kawan2 dan juga peristiwa2 penting semasa di sekolah. Semua itu adalah kenangan yg paling manis buat saya